Three ways the GE Aros Smart A/C pays for itself

Quriky GE Aros Window A/C Spending via Wink

The GE Aros Smart Window A/C unit is a game changer when it comes to home cooling because it lets you control the unit using your smartphone. That said, it is about $100 more than dump air conditioners with the same cooling power. Don't worry though, this little box will pay for itself, literally, with the three great features below.

Aros turns on and off based on the weather and your location

The GE Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner is connects to the internet through your home or office or puck WiFi. Since it is connected, it understands the weather forecast. Since it is connected, it can also leverage the Wink app for iPhone and Android to understand if you and others are at home or the office. With these two sources of information the Aros smart appliance is able to turn on and off and control the level of cooling automatically. If for example, you leave the house, the Aros can turn down or turn off the A/C, saving you money. When you get in the vicinity of your home or office it knows you are coming and it can turn itself on or up so that you enter to a nice, cool space that you didn't pay to cool the entire time you were away. This saves you big bucks!

The Aros is even smart enough to track multiple people. If you and your family all run the Wink app for iPhone or Android, the Aros can determine if anyone is near your home or office and take action to make you comfortable. There is no need to "go manual" and waste money just because more than one person lives at the house or works in the office. 
This feature alone will pay for itself.

Shows how much running the A/C costs

We are in the information age and information is power. For the first time a room A/C unit is smart enough to tell you how much it costs to operate. It is also smart enough to manage itself to a daily budget. How awesome is that? Set it and forget it... the Aros Smart Window A/C unit will take care of you in ways your cell phone company does not.

Controllable from the dining room table

The next time you sitting down to dinner or watching a movie and the A/C kicks on, making it too loud in the room, you don't even have to get up. Grab your iPhone or Android, open the Wink app, and tell the Aros to calm it down. Time is money and the Aros will save you time.

These three features set up the Aros to pay for itself compared to the standard air conditioner. It is will worth the price given the money saving features and convenience it will bring to your life.