Smart AC Buying Guide: Operation

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Welcome. This is the third in a three part series that covers important considerations when buying a new window air conditioner. By now you know how to evaluate if the unit will meet your minimum requirements and if usability matches your desires, so it is time to consider what it takes to operate the unit.

In this post I will cover:
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Installation And Electrical Requirements

Different units require different installation infrastructure and different electrical supply. The simplest units operate using a standard 110 volt outlet in the home or office. These are generally lower BTU units, under 15,000 BTU. Higher BTU units need more energy and thus may require a 220 volt circuit. These models generally require seeking an electrician to install a special outlet at your home or office.

If the AC unit you choose requires a 220 volt circuit that you do not have, prepare yourself now for the cost of installing the circuit... it may cost more than the A/C unit you choose to purchase.


The most common maintenance issue with a window A/C unit is the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that accumulate in, on, and in the filters and back of the unit. Plan to clean the A/C unit thoroughly at least once per year. The more often it is cleaned the cheaper it will be to operate and more dust it will take out of the air if it is equipped with an inside filter. Generally a wipe down and a vacuum will take care of the dirt and warm-water-wash will take care of any filters.

One feature you may want to look for that reduces maintenance is a bug guard on the condensation drain (you know the A/C unit will drip water right). This prevents bugs from getting in to the nice moist area of the A/C unit.


We made it. Now you know all about how to pick a window air conditioner that work for your situation, brings the desired features, and is reasonable to install and operate. As I've stated before, situations and people are different so make sure to go after what you want. While you are shopping, take a look at the GE Aros smart window A/C review on this site. I with you sunny days and cool rooms!

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