Finally, a Smart Window Air Conditioner: The Quirky GE Aros Smart Window AC

GE Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner and iPhone Android Wink App by Quirky
Quirky and GE partnered with Dr Garthen Leslie to make the GE Aros Smart A/C

Air conditioners have been around for a long time and they have been due for a bit technology advance for just about as long. The days of the air conditioner that fails to hold the temperature of the room where you want are over. The days of having to turn the unit on and off or change the target temperature when you arrive or leave are also over. The GE Aros changes all of this by integrating a small computer into the unit, integrating with your home or office WIFI, and giving you an app to run on your iPhone or Android Smartphone that gives you full control. With these smarts the Aros saves you a ton of money and gives you insight into not just how the unit operates but also how much it costs you. You might be thinking that this is all too complex, rest assured that is is really simple.

Buying the right air conditioner for the size of the space you want to cool and having the options you want is critical to your enjoyment of the unit and your home or office. I am convinced the Aros air conditioner by GE is the air conditioner for me.

In the rest of this review I will cover:
  • GE Aros Features
  • GE Aros Wink App for iPhone and Android
In other posts I will cover installation, controlling the unit, and placing multiple units in your home or office.

GE Aros Features

The primary features of the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner will change what you think about air conditioners in the following ways:
  • You will never come home or arrive at the office to a warm space again
  • You will never need to turn it on or off
  • You will know exactly how much money it costs to run the unit
  • Since it monitors the weather, it adjusts so you do not have to
  • As long as you have your phone with you, there is no need to get up to adjust the temperature
Now I'll give you some more information on the features:
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Upward cool airflow for far superior circulation
  • Touch capacitive sensors as buttons
  • Three cooling modes with three fan speeds
  • Retractable fabric wings for proper fit
  • Works with the Wink app
  • Using the Wink app you can control it wherever you have an internet connection
  • Cooling can be scheduled
  • Cooling adjusts to the weather
  • Cooling can be adjusted based on a set budget
  • The unit can turn on and off based on your location
  • Aros tracks electricity usage
  • The filter is washable
  • Cools rooms up to around 17 x 30 feet or 350 square feet
  • 8000 BTU
  • Uses a standard 115 volt outlet
  • Draws up to 6.3 amps (750 watts)

GE Aros Wink App for iPhone and Android

Through the Wink App the GE Aros Win Smart Window Air Conditioner gives you and your family control of the unit and your budget. Since the Aros is connected to the internet and your phone goes with you the information available to the unit completely changes how this smart appliance fits in to your life. 

Since your iPhone or Android device knows its location, the Wink app can send that to the Aros to figure out when to turn on or turn off. Now, this is really smart! When you leave home for work, the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner will automatically turn off or adjust the target temperature. When you start your commute home, the unit can turn on or start cooling the space to a more comfortable temperature. It can even figure all this out when there are multiple family members with the Wink app installed.

Since the unit is connected to the internet it can consider the weather when it is determining when to cool and what setting to use. As humans it is easy for us to know that the high today is 101 degrees and so we need to run the AC overnight to get a head start on the sun. The Aros figures this out for you. Nice.

This is certainly the window air conditioner for my life. If you want to get control of the temperature in your space, get a great price, and get it delivered tomorrow  follow the link below.